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ALL MADE IN ITALY Srls was created to spread and make known the value of Italian products on an international level.
Italian gastronomy depicts the sublimation of food pleasure in the world.

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Oil line.
Selection of 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil
Coming from various Italian regions monocultivar, flavored and organic

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Zdjęcia produktu / images
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Wines – We also deal with the marketing of the best Italian wines in particular we represent wineries of Brunello di Montalcino, the Pietro Nera della Valtellina house, the Bersi & Serlini house and many other best-made products such as the award-winning Lazio winery „Tenuta le Quinte”.

Zdjęcia produktu / images
Product description EN

cured meat line – Italian certified Italian cold cuts 100% – rare and unique products – black pig breeds

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