Industry scope

Industry scope 2017-09-25T10:40:56+00:00

The WARSAW FOOD EXPO 2018, in a single location, presents a comprehensive offer of food producers and distributors, food production and processing, as well as in the field of gastronomy.  During the fair, workshops and industry training courses will take place, along with a presentation of products by foreign suppliers.

The following will be presented;

  1. food products of the:
    • fruit and vegetable processing industry
    • food concentrates processing industry
    • meat and fish processing industry
    • egg and poultry processing industry
    • dairy processing industry
    • bakery and confectionary processing industry
    • spirit, wine and beer processing industry
    • potato processing industry
    • oil and fat processing industry
  2. regional food products from selected regions of Poland and Europe
  3. dishes served in national restaurants
  4. ways of preparing dishes based on food products presented during the fairs – Education Zone
  5. ways of serving dishes by waiters
  6. ways of using food products in individual and collective nutrition

Additionally, various culinary and confectionery shows will take place, conducted by renown chefs and pastry chefs.


In addition, many culinary shows and pastries will be hosted by well-known chefs and confectioners.