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The organizers’ aim is to host the largest international trading event addressed to a wide range of companies of the food and gastronomy industry, as well as showcasing the potential of the domestic food production, to both Polish and international attendees.

The WARSAW FOOD EXPO presents, in one place, a comprehensive offer of food producers and distributors, food production and processing, as well as in the field of gastronomy. During the fair, workshops and industry training courses will take place, along with a presentation of products by foreign suppliers.

is it worth?

  • You will acquire valuable customers… most people visiting the Warsaw Food Expo make or influence shopping decisions
  • You will get to present your products… most visitors come here to find a new product or a new solution
  • You will shorten your sales cycle… most visitors to the Warsaw Food Expo are looking for new food suppliers

of visitors

Profile of visitors to the WARSAW FOOD EXPO

  • Owners and managers of restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, eateries
  • Food technologists
  • Representatives of food purchase departments
  • Chefs and cooks
  • Brand Managers
  • Technicians and technology department employees
  • Representatives of marketing departments
  • Directors and purchase specialists from retail networks and food wholesale
  • Designers from gastronomic and food businesses
  • Managers of R&D departments
  • Individual clients
  • Families with children

You will be able to present your products.

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